Este.js Sublime Text Code Snippets - Cheat Sheet

Do you know that Este.js has a whole load of Sublime Text snippets?

So stop thinking about the right and correct syntax now, just remember several keys tab triggers.

  • class - c
  • subclass - sc
  • class events - e
  • unit test - ut
  • html demo - demo
  • method - m
  • protected method - pm
  • inherited method - im
  • type - t
  • protected type - pt
  • static method - sm
  • static type - st

How to install it?

Clone, copy snippets to your Sublime Text user settings directory (“cmd ,” - for Preferences.sublime-settings, then Reveal in Finder in context menu).

How to use it?

Create a new file, save it with right extension, e.g. something_test.cofffe. Then type some letters (c for a new class for example) and press tab key. Use tab also for editing next fields.

A little tip to end: ‘log' + tab = console.log